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General Provisions

Elapsed Time

What is the meaning of the “x minutes” in the right corner of the training pages?

This is the elapsed time (in minutes), starting from when you logged in to the Ethicsburg site using your access code.

Why are you tracking that?

As a convenience for you. Many who visit this site have a one hour training requirement. We are just displaying how long you have been looking at the site. It is up to your to ensure you are actually receiving training for one hour, if you have this requirement.

How are you keeping track of it?

We are using a non–persistent cookie. The cookie will not remain on your machine after you close the browser.

Do you track anything else?

If you entered an access code, we open a session on our server and are able to determine which agency or office you are with. We use this information to display information specific to your agency, for example, the names of and contact information for the agency ethics officials for your agency. We suggest that you read our privacy policy for more information.